Opposites with similarities 

Ever meet a Southern American Jew? Well, regardless, now your going to learn about at least one. Hello. I am a Kosher Nashvillian. I grew up walking distance from my reform synagogue in New Jersey. In college, I became more religious while being active with my collegiate Chabbad. Then I moved to Music City, USA. Little did I know, I was about to take a spiritual Jewish journey when I moved to Nashville, Tn. What your about to read isn’t about my journey but melting Southern culture and ancient Jewish traditions together in a modern society to produce a unique culture based on traditions. 
Both cultures have similarities that mesh well together while being very different. Let’s be real, extremist on both sides, will never truly agree on the dietary ideology of separating your meats from your cheeses in a meal. Traditional Southern cooking includes a never ending supply of recipes where meat and cheese are the main two ingredients. And they put bacon on the bacon. Well you wouldn’t find an Orthodox Jew sitting you there. 
Thankfully, the modern southerner is more health conscious. So restaurants offer Farm to Table meat and promote where it came from. So if you really wanted to, you could realistically visit the cows before they reach the restaurant. It’s so much easier to get meat that follows Judaic tradition without the Rabbi. When I buy local it creates a symbolic bridge between Jewish tradition and southern food culture. Jewish ancestors got it right when it came to the treatment of animals. Because the life of the animal makes a difference in the taste. Just compare McDonalds to a Farm to Table restaurant. 

fFrtunately for practicing Southern Jews, farm life is part of the southern country culture. There are countless small towns where produce, local grass fed cows and free range chickens live and feed the town. Jewish tradition celebrates the harvest during Sukkot. By being grateful for the land G-D has given us, Jews celebrate Sukkot and Country artists write hit songs.

Country music tells stories about southern culture. A popular topic to sing about is farm equipment. Now, has owning a tractor without a farm, is impractical. And that’s not a word southerners would use to describe themselves. At least not out loud in public. That’s rude. Being rude is a faux Paux. Southern Belles and Gents are brought up to be modest and humble. Modesty is a cherished tradition in both cultures. It would be out of character for a southern belle or an orthodox women to be dancing provocatively all over a guy at bar in skimpy cloths. 
It would be in character for both ladies to be thankful for what G-D has given them. Manners are a important to southerners. They like to sugar coat everything to make things sweeter. An example would be ‘Bless your heart’; a popular term of endearment in Southern dialect that could be condensing.

Judaic tradition encourages blessing everything given us. I translate this practice as a method of being grateful for what you have; a core Southern value. Mostly influenced by religion. After all, the Bible is a timeless international piece of literature. When you think about the Bible Belt, the Jewish Bible doesn’t immediately come to mind. I am proud to be apart of creating Jewish community that is producing a unique Southern culture. 

Platino Market Research

In addition to Heroes of the Stage (HOTS), I am working on marketing Platino for Black Gate Games.

Platino is a dedicated 2/2.5D engine without the complexity of trying to build 2D games in 3D spaces (Unity, Unreal, etc.)  It a great cost effective tool for developing apps; because the alternative, Unity 2D development, is difficult and costly. Plus it produces results in less performant games with fewer features than what this game engine can provide (multiple simultaneous camera views, for instance, which is native to Platino and virtually impossible in Unity).

I have written their business plan and now I am starting to implement the marketing strategy. The first step of my strategy is: market research.

I have joined many facebook groups and google plus communities within the demographic to learn about them and to ask them simple questions.

Memes for “Heroes of the Stage”

Below are examples of some of the content I created to promote the book “Heroes of the Stage.” I posted these memes in different communities all over the Internet.

Defining Sexy


Women are continuously becoming more influential in today’s society. According to National Association of Women Business Owners, “More than 9.1 million firms are owned by women, employing nearly 7.9 million people, and generating $1.4 trillion in sales as of 2014. ”

. Taylor Swift sold over 1.8 million copies of her latest album ‘1989’ which broke an album sales record that was set in 2002. In summary, women are becoming more powerful and influential in today’s culture.

I love that women are defining ‘sexy’ instead of men. Nicki Minaj shows off and raps about her assets in the video ‘Anaconda‘. Ms. Minaj used Sir-Mix-A Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back‘  to create a song about being proud of one’s assets. The original song was about a man being proud of their girl’s ass. This women is a great role model because she has substance behind her provocative ways. She is the first female rapper to make it on the ‘Forbes’ 100 List.

It’s no secret that men have defining women’s sexuality and their roles in society for decades. Back in the 50’s it was the man’s job to go to work and a woman’s job to take care of the home. Disney used to define their princesses as women who were helpless and needed a man to save them. Currently, Terry Richardson is a high fashion photographer and proud pervert. He pushes people to step outside of their comfort zone to produce work that ooze sexuality. Whether or not he is an artist or a manipulator, is up to you.The point is, men have always played a part in defining ‘sexy’.  They are continually enforcing their way with how a woman can be sexy and how they can use their bodies.

The UK just past a piece of legislation that prohibits female ejaculation. Male ejaculation is totally cool. This new bill makes it nearly impossible for anyone to produce pornographic content for the LBGT demographic. But hey, at least sexual acts reminisce of rape are banned as well.

On November 4,2014, abortion became illegal in Tennessee. The biggest supporters for the bill were male politicians. This new bill doesn’t affect a man’s body. It affects the women’s and her right to choose what she wants to do in a very emotionally stressful decision. One would think, that social issues such as abortion are last years hot topic because there are so many other things going on in US politics. However it continually seems to be a hot topic.

In summary, I think we are making headways towards a feminist society. Men are trying to maintain their grasp on how women. It won’t last forever. Women should be able to define ‘sexy’ just as often as men do. The equality of both sexes is imperative. Men aren’t better than women and women aren’t better than men. We are people.

Posting schedule & content changes

Unfortunately I have not been keeping to my word with publishing posts daily. It has proven to be a difficult goal for me to keep right off the back. As a result, I am going to set a new posting schedule. I will be posting just on Tuesdays.

In addition to a new posting schedule, my content is going to go back to musicians instead of writing about my work place. Currently, I am working on getting back into the habit of writing. As a result, I have been writing about what has taken over my life during past few months: The Acme. A co-worker informed me that I could be violating a non-disclosure agreement writing about the new honky tonk. I love my job, my co-workers and the connections I have made while at work.

I apologize for my inconsistent posting habits in the past.

2nd Floor

The second floor is where customers can order sushi and finger foods, while watching their favorite sports team play. The cocktails on this floor are more up scale than the other two floors. Plus its the place where customers can play old school pinball, pac-man and the new Wizard of Oz pinball.  This floor is basically a lounge.

New York has the Soup Nazi and Nashville has Sam, the Sushi Nazi. Tomkats had a custom sushi bar built for him on the second floor. He used to work everyday doing everything at his own place. Now, Sam has picked three amazing cooks to make the sushi while he does what he wants behind them. Matt, Luke and Amanda make your sushi orders to order. Its quite fascinating to see how they cut the avocado, fry the shrimp and prepare the rice before rolling it together.

Besides Sushi, customers can order from our finger food menu. The menu includes items like ribs, Nachos, Brisket, and a cheese platter.  The Ribs and brisket are smoked in the smoker on the first floor. The nachos are epic and delicious because it is a mountain of chips, cheese, pork and beens. The cheese platter contains 3 local cheeses, honey with a hombcomb and some fruit. This is dish is by far my favorite and it pairs well with the wine list.

Wine, Liquor, Beer and Cocktails on this floor are higher grade than those available on the first. However they aren’t too high shelf for those of us who are living on a budget. There are local beers available like Yazoo, Fat Bottom and TN Brew Works among the 27 draft beers that are available. The cocktails are quite amazing with house made ingredients. The Burn Barrel contains smoked peach puree. Its quite delicious especially when your enjoying a drink with a game.

Then there are the games on the second floor. Guests can enjoy free shuffle board, 3 different pin ball machines, pac-man and foosball.  All the games are free! Which is an added bonus.

Overall, the second floor is a lounge where you can enjoy a good scotch while watching a game or escaping the first floor crowd. This is also the floor where you can find me on the most. Next time your visiting come say hi!

Happy Turkey Day!

1st Floor

The Acme’s first floor is the place to eat, enjoy some music and shop locally.

When you walk into the Acme, you are either greeted by a greeter or security. (It depends on the hour. The building becomes 21+ at 8pm.) Once you are in, you have the option to a few things.  Such as:

Look at our retail shop which is to the left and right. Find a seat at the bar at one of the tables and order drinks from a server. Order food from the cashiers and have a runner bring you your food. Or check out the other floors

I will go into detail about our retail in another post. For now, I am going to talk about the ambiance. The floor and pillars on the first floor are original.   The chairs are made out of whiskey barrels. The wood used for the bars and the community tables is over 500 years old.  The stage is in the middle of the right side between two pillars.

The music that plays there is quite diverse. There is a different genre of music every night.  I will be reporting about the music more often because I really want to spotlight the musicians who play here.

Straight back is where you can see the cooks do there thing and the smoker. The smoker is located behind the chef. It is where they smoke all the meats and some ingredients for the second floor cocktails. The fire is  accessed behind the building.

That’s all I have to write at the moment. There are some many elements to the acme its hard to cover everything in one post.  My next post will arrive shortly.

Explore the Floors

The Acme has three floors that are continuously open to the public; first, second and rooftop. Each floor has a different theme and set-up.

The first floor is home to our retail store, where the bands play, the full menu is served and atmosphere is local with an All American vibe. When customers walk in the door they are greeted by a greeter who will explain how the first floor operates, and whats going on, on the second floor.

The second floor is where customers can order sushi and finger foods, while watching their favorite team play. The cocktails on this floor are more up scale than the other two floors. Plus its the place where customers can play old school pinball, pac-man and the new Wizard of Oz pinball.  This floor is basically a lounge.

The rooftop is home to the magnificent panoramic view of the Cumberland river, Broadway and the Nashville skyline.  When the weather allows it, the Acme will host a dance party on Saturday nights. It’s imperative to get to this floor early on a sat night, otherwise you may have to wait in line.

Occasionally the three floor will be open to the public. It depends on whether not the floor has been booked for a private event, management decides to move the dance party from the roof to this floor, or if there is a show. There have been a couple of memorable performances on this floor already. Hard Working Americans, Steve Warner and Kenny Chesney have all played a show here.

Tune In tomorrow to learn about how the history of the first floor.